Mill Lane Motocross, Surrey

Based in Lingfield, Surrey Mill Lane Motocross (previously Churchill MX) run practice days for riders of every standard and people of all ages as well as offering private hire of the facility.

Facilities include full on site Catering truck, First Aid & Toilets.

Stubpond lane,

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  • Alison Young

    We hired this track for my sons 21st birthday, and have to say the guys in charge there were really great,very accomodating, helpful, the track was graded for us, and we had a fantastic days riding, i would definately recommend it, and we are already planning our next day there!! A+++++

  • mystery mx racer

    how much is it to hire the trackfor the day for 2 people

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  • ricky’d 1987

    Hi there is it possible to ride pit bikes on your tracks? I’ve just bought a brand new super stomp 140z. I’m limited to where I can ride it over in Kingston. I only have the bike and a helment no boots or clothing

  • mx man

    u can ride pit bikes with just a helmet but you have to go on the beginners track

  • ashley

    are you going to be open tomo?

  • Katie Law

    Hiya. Are you open every day, someone told us you were closed Thursdays?, as that is an INSET day for our “rider” on th 31st May would be pointless coming.

  • Lauren

    Hi there can you hire bikes for the track as well?

  • gerome

    can kids ride on the track with quad bikes ? LTZ 50cc ??

  • John mills

    Can t
    You take any cc engine on the track

  • James

    Hello are you open bank holidays, if so what time as I’m thinking of coming today,

  • Tony Wyatt

    Hi guys
    My 12 year old has ridden once before and enjoyed it . Do you guys teach and hire out the bikes and equipment and if so how do we get involved ?

  • Luke

    Are you open tomorrow

  • mic mx

    Does anyone answer the mobile no. Not on Facebook so need to no if track open have rung many times over the last year

  • yfzkid2012

    hi can you ride quads on your track i have a 450 quad and need some praitce be fore my race at the end of the month

  • lucy perryman

    my son has a bike and we were wondering is it just turn up and ride or do we need to book?

  • Alex

    Hi track is open..?Does anyone answer the mobile.

  • jason

    im new to mx but i have a little 250cc bike and i have the boots helmit but dont have armur can i still ride on ur track and do u have a bigginers track and can kids ride on quads their

  • danny

    Hi my son is 5 with good bike ability have you got anywhere there he can ride? When are u open? How much is it? Thanks

  • Tommy

    Are you aloud to ride quad bikes on your track 125cc

  • Matt Malone

    Long shot but anyone with a van fancie taking me and my bike to this track over the weekend or thru the week from Woking if so 07581188401 text me thanks will pay petrol and give Sumin to eat etc

  • Freddy Ceely

    Hay, really interested in getting into motorcross. I’m about to buy a bike, but I’m unsure of what’s required to ride on a track. Do u need insurance or a licence to ride.
    Also how do we pay if I arrive at ur track.

  • John

    Hey everyone.

    Anyone know a contact number for this track? Need to call them about hiring the track?

  • Pat

    Are you open during the week

  • aiden dillamore

    Are you open tomorrow

  • Jan

    Guys, This track is now known as Mill Lane MX…..just thought you may want to know.

  • barnsey#144

    hi do you hire bikes out for the day ??

  • james a peat

    when I must have been 13 or 14 about 2-3 years ago I used to ride hear on my little 50cc.
    brilliant fun but the price shot up one month and dident go down. still have the bike and thinking of buying a decent one very soon so I can ride again. got any ideas or advise im very happy to hear since im only 16.

  • This tracks got new owners now its called mill lame motocross, price gas gone up since you last rode because its actually a proper track now lots of jumps and rhythm sections. Good all year round as they put down wood chips. Check them out on there Facebook page for contact info etc, but usually there open sat n Sunday and in week some days usually weds

  • sid

    hi there can you ride a yz 125 on your track with just helmet boots and gloves

  • sid

    hi there ive got a yz 125 i used to come to this track years ago when it was called east grinstead am i allowed to just wear boots gloves and helmet if i come back to the track

  • savage

    hey i popped down to the track today to check it out and saw u was doing some work mabe ? and was just wondering is it will be open tomorow??? and how much would it cost to private hire ?

  • matthew haffenden

    hi i have a 50 cc mini dirt bikecould i ride on your track

  • George Baker

    do you allow quads there?

  • warren

    Hi is the mill lane track still open if so what days ? And how much please ?? Thanks

  • Admin

    They open periodically your best bet is to add and keep an eye on their Facebook profile.

  • Downing Chris

    are you open on tuesdays?

  • Jackcl0ugh

    When is it on next at mill lane