Preston Docks MX, Lancashire

The track is a sand based motocross track with ski jumps, table-tops, drop offs and deep sandy bermed corners. The track is fully marshaled and trained first-aiders are always present on site. At its shortest length it is 1.1 miles long and in the summer months a rear extension is added which extends the track length to 1.5 miles.

Tracks are always graded prior to commencement of practice. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available on site.

The site is fully insured and endorsed by the sport’s governing body the Auto Cycle Union.

The practice sessions are split into 20minute sessions of usually 3 groups. The groups are split into riders of similar ability EG: Experienced, Intermediate and Junior.

Equipment Required:

Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Motocross Pants and Jersey, Body Armor.

PDMX also requires your bike to be fit for purpose. 

07858 552976

Wallend Road,




  • harvey

    What time does it open??? (Sundays)

  • is this near the go cart track???can any 1 enlighten me please

  • neale

    how come i boke my collar bone aswell as black out on one of corners due back end getting wedged in and the marshell was aware but not once did i get seen by first aiders truth be none not one trained first aider was on preston docks

  • Miles Bailey

    how old do u have to be

  • marcus

    do you rent the bike or bring your own ????