Preston Docks MX, Lancashire

The track is a sand based motocross track with ski jumps, table-tops, drop offs and deep sandy bermed corners. The track is fully marshaled and trained first-aiders are always present on site. At its shortest length it is 1.1 miles long and in the summer months a rear extension is added which extends the track length to 1.5 miles.

Tracks are always graded prior to commencement of practice. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available on site.

The site is fully insured and endorsed by the sport’s governing body the Auto Cycle Union.

The practice sessions are split into 20minute sessions of usually 3 groups. The groups are split into riders of similar ability EG: Experienced, Intermediate and Junior.

Equipment Required:

Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, Motocross Pants and Jersey, Body Armor.

PDMX also requires your bike to be fit for purpose. 

07858 552976

Wallend Road,




  • Its a good track, email me if any people have better trax near preston.

  • jordan exton

    is it ok for first riders

  • adam bennison

    ill be comeiing rideing sunday hope weather is good

  • martin aarons

    me and me bro wil be there sunday just see wot the weather does though im sketchy on me bike not long had it

  • kirsty

    hi is this ok for young kids and how long can you ride for, and how much please

  • Lilly B

    Hi is there any entertainment or some kind of pub or town near by thanks

  • dean t

    is it open

  • lee

    can you use a pitbike on the tracks cuz ive bin told you cant ? and how much is it

  • matty

    When iz the next practics day

  • hugh

    hi i coming ove from ireland for whitby and was thinking can i go on this a few day early does it open ??

  • hi just after some info on the track if poss ie open times rules bike sizes eqiupment ect thanks mike

  • Kate wilson

    Does anyone in the north west offer lessons to a novice, I really want to get started but have little bike experience and want some tuition!

  • dylan

    i want to come but no bike 🙁

  • Martin

    Would be nice if you would answer questions on price!

  • jason

    the track for kids is rubish paid 20 pound . no marshalls on kids track wasnt told who was the first aider or anything. and not worth 20 pound

  • anthony

    how much is it to ride?? and what days is it open?

  • When are you open and what are the cost,s?

  • scott wainman

    looking to get on a track i have just bought a cr 85 would this be good place to learn??

  • scott wainman

    plz answer me

  • jamie

    scott…its not the best place to learn…..try,,,, back cown ,,,it has web site,,,and its a hard packed track,,,,its at bacup….max bike size on the track is 85cc two stroke,,,,

  • sam

    hey u guys it costs £20 and its amazing i ride a 150 it is open wednesday,saturday and sunday there is a kids track and all sized bikes are welcome ok thanks any more questions put below

  • danny thompson

    is this track oopen this week or next me and my family would love to go and rip up the track and show every one how its done

  • is this track open me and my dad and 3 brothers want to go and rip up the track also show every one how to ride ha ha ha lol lol

  • danny plodder lanehi ha phil

    wen 1s track open… want to show up all 65cc rider and do some big dirty whips

  • keith

    its abso mint

  • Sian & Sarah

    Just enquiring whether quad bikes are able to use this track and if so, what day(s)?

  • lee

    i got all the gear just not got bodey armer will still be a to go on with my bike

  • itss me

    Everyone look on youtube it might answer some of your questions on there

  • I will beat anybody on this track plus it is shit when it is wet

  • Shame you dont update if a bank holiday counts as a sunday …… Pratice track in Huncoat bb5 for all who want to go … lots to do and lots go there ….. if you know of any more get intouch

  • Colin

    Can u use quad on this thack

  • can you please tell me the price for a 14 year old to ride and adults price many thanks tommy

  • emma

    Does anyone in the north west offer lessons to a novice, I really want to get started but have little bike experience and want some tuition! Myself and 13 year old mephew interested but no bikes…yet

  • chad

    how much is it for the fullday?

  • Jordon exton

    Its anazing! The new track lay out is awsome! Its well worth 20 pound!

  • listup

    is the track okay for begginers

  • Shane

    Not been for a while certainly wont be coming back you have ruined the track it used to be fast and flowed really well now it’s stop start all the lap whoever has altered it may god have mercy on your soul!

  • richard

    as an ex mx rider i am interested in getting back in the seat aged 50 midliufe crisis !!! i would be greatfuyll for info on getting my RAC Racing licence and joining a local club my home City is Preston Lancs
    but for noe i’m living in a nursing home in Lytham ST Annes due to a serious acident back in january i am determined my dissability won’t stop me from persuing my belovid motorsport soany help would be appreciated. many thanks Richie

  • Daz The Mad Manc
    Where in huncoat is a practice track
    please let me know

  • Daniel

    Is it ok for quads? If so when is the best time?

  • Fran

    How much are lessons at the Preston Track for a 10year old he has a KTM and all the kit just needs to get a bit of practice/instruction as its an upgrade from his last bike. Also where is the hub coat track please?

  • Fran Please email me with info cheers

  • Toni

    When is the the track open? And is it £20 for the day?

  • Jak

    Wat will it cost for a 11 year old to go on the adult track with an 85 cc KTM txt back ASAP

  • wade

    can 12 year olds go on the tracks

  • Many questions not alot of answers come on guys lets have some answers please !!!! Thanks

  • Suzie Richards

    Is there riding on a Sunday morning? If so what time? Want to bring my boy down to watch as I know he’ll love it. Also, how long is it on for?
    What age do you have to be?

  • Chris Webster

    How much would it cost for my son to start racing he’s 12 and is there any training he could do?

  • Amy

    Please do not call 07968823731 as this person does not work here anymore. Thank you

  • Amy

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL 07968823731 please he does not work here any more!!! Thank you