Wildtracks – (Chippenham), Suffolk

Wildtracks MX (Chippenham)
Chippenham motocross track is a sand based which changes regularly. There are three tracks in the wildtracks complex autos, beginners and the main track.

There is a qualified first aid personnel on site, marshalls on track and a lighting system around the track to enhance safety.

There is also a catering hut and built in toilets.

There is more than just motocross at wildtracks see their website for more activities.

Tel: 01638 751918 or visit Wildtracks website


  • Scott

    deep sandy/clay surface which can get rutty in wet, good track to go to in the winter as seems to handle the rain better.

  • Harry

    are you allowed to ride pit bikes on this track ??

  • admin

    After having a quick flick through the pitbike forum they are doing something with them there. They do have a small beginners track they’re possibly riding on that. Take a look at http://www.pitbikeclub.co.uk you should get a definite answer on there.

  • duncan marston

    hi, i have a competition quad and need to train somewhere, do you allowed quads on the track ….thanks in advance